RECAP 2013
Where the beer was free, with an unexpected champion

Despite wintery conditions with snowfall, 64 teams and scores of spectators made their way to the beautiful Herb Lubalin Gallery at Cooper Union, where endless beer, leisurely conversation, and somewhat competitive - and for sure entertaining - foosball awaited the crowds. A slide show commemorating the past 9 tournaments as well as a display of Paul Sahre’s (O.O.P.S) former team uniforms were presented for everyone's viewing pleasure.

For the first time in the 10 year history of this "wet" tournament the beer did not run out due to deliberate over-stocking on the refreshment front -- a clear sign that the organizers are slow learners, but learners none-the-less. In line with the motto "the world is a ball", the tournament was played on impeccable, brand new Warrior tables that had arrived only 4 hours prior from China (by way of California).

The field was full of both WGDFC household names with the likes of Pentagram, OPEN, Anti/Anti, and Stag&Hare. The formidable Big Spaceship was missed since they had their holiday party the same night. We hope they will return to compete next year. First timers included Area17, Baron Fig, MoMA Design Studio, Authentic, and TUMI. Studios whose names start with the letters “G” and “H” were represented by three teams each: Gin Lane, Graham Hanson Design, and Hello Monday. Red Antler and SMAKK Studios also arrived with a trifecta of teams. Strong showings were made by Firstborn, MacMillan/St. Martin’s, Brand Union, OKfocus, and Studio Rodrigo. The Elite 8 were: Stag & Hare 1, Harper Collins, Area 17, Random House, O.O.P.S., Hello Monday, Opto Design, and karlssonwilker.

With bags sponsored by Puma and beer made possible by Brooklyn Brewery and Adobe, nothing could go wrong, or so we thought. But the winners of the night turned out to be none other than karlssonwilker, the drunken duo, Hjalti and Jan. After a prolonged stage of "drunkards luck" they landed on their feet and took home the coveted one-legged trophy, coming full circle, back to where it all started 10 years ago. Opto Design was a worthy opponent.

For the prestigious Uniform Competition, the finalists were Sagmeister & Walsh, Skaggs Creative, The Collected Works, and TypeCode. Sagmeister & Walsh received the trophy based on audience applause. Someone whispered, "Poncho terroristas…"

The only way to describe karlssonwilker’s victory is as a freak accident, suggesting that all other teams must have neutralized each other, so that sheer luck-of-the-draw catapulted them to the finals, beating O.O.P.S. in a nerve-wracking semi-final that left spectators and, even more so O.O.P.S. and karlssonwilker with multiple small heart attacks, scarring all for life. The other semi was just as heart wrenching, with Opto Design beating 3-Time Champion Random House, who had to play with an 0:3 handicap.

Photographic documentation of the night’s festivities can be found here.

Big thanks to Alexander at CU, Victor, Alex and the volunteers (Anna, Brian, Audrey, Luis, Jeong, Sherry, and Lyanne), Cooper Union, Adobe, Brooklyn Brewery, Warrior Tables, PUMA, and